A Day In The Life of A Mimi

75600_4334601975118_951052026_n Photo on 2012-02-26 at 12.33 #2

From the back seat of the car I hear his quiet, reflective voice, as if he’s talking to himself, but he looks at me in the rearview mirror so I know he expects me to respond: “O-bama president America.” Me: “Yes, Obama is the President of America.” He repeats it several more times and I reaffirm in various ways.

Later, after refusing to come inside; after hitting softballs and blowing bubbles; coloring the driveway with chalk drawings and scribbles; and “hiding” under the drooping cassia branches like they are a living roof and walls, he says: “Find wizards, Mimi!” Translation: Let’s catch lizards!

So we spend the next 20 minutes wandering the back yard, splashing in the remains of an old birdbath before we finally found and caught one. After two careful fingertip, butterfly-light touches of said wizard, Pops came home and it was time to change a diaper!

The end.


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